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OMG DEMO?! - The Astrad Devjournal
Currently serving: SotS I
Well, it's not what I was hoping to have by now, but it's something. Here's a little demo, largely to show off some graphical goodness:

temporary location(dead now)


  • The mapswitches in the castle are fubar: some sliding will occur. You can talk to things with impunity there.
  • On the overworld, head down and right until you're on the peninsula by the mountains where amaxis is. That's the only other linked map right now.
  • When in Amaxis, do not talk to any doors. ;)
  • ...
  • This is only an art demo, really.

I stopped using v2.6 fully after several hours of v2 code not performing as it should. That's why the menus are disabled (they are highcolor and need v2.6. So they'll remain off until they are recoded.) Also, the portraits are lowcolor versions of highcolor versions of filler art.

At any rate, I worked about 10 hours today finishing amaxis.map and amaxisin.map to the degree they're presently at. Please walk around in Amaxis in the demo... I think it's kinda purdy. Amaxis has 20-ish hours in it total so far. And there's at least one more sweep of tilemaking/laying to go, not to mention all of the entities and scripting. I was discouraged until mordred mentioned that making a good map in a 3d game is months of manhours, instead of just a week.

Apparently the activity has inspired the trackers to wise fwom daw gwaves and compose. In all fairness, Zathras has been perpetually tracking, but Hypno's recently come out of retirement to fix up some old songs. The overworld theme is a revision-in-progress of his original.

Also, gayo's really pulled out the red carpet with the battle system documentation. It's a credit to him that it invokes dreams of coolness just reading the overview and abilities list. However, it's a demerit to me that I've been dragging my feet implementing it. It is rather tedius code in v2 script... but I'll do it. ;)

Also, I'll be meeting with Ira over the holidays to tell him things in person. Hooray for networking. Also, hooray for drinking. ;)

Oh yeah, and today's my birthday. I'm 24 today. Which is almost 25. Which is almost 30. Which is old. I don't want to grow old :(
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