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Holidays, quietness, and current occupation. - The Astrad Devjournal
Currently serving: SotS I
Holidays, quietness, and current occupation.
Okay, so the always disorganizing time of the holidays have passed us. Didn't make the self-imposed deadline due to various factors (writer's block being the most annoying of them). Here's what's been going on tho:

  • I caught up with Ira of the Mangas. Talked his ear off at a bar.
  • prior to leaving for the holidays, hypno started remixing some of his tunes.
  • Mordred and I have been tiling and I've been mapediting.
  • This last week has been relatively quiet... but what do you expect from the Christian end-of-year holiday blowout week? ;D
  • Also, Needle of the Divine Animation released his ep 3 trailer. If you haven't been following his flash series, check it out

For the last few day's I've been working on something of vital importance. As vecna's progress in his affairs advance, the more this sekrit-thing's creation becomes important. I should be done in a few days, but it is something that will help the Astrad's development immensely, so I don't mind working on it. Here's some tantalizing glamour shots:

Yay. Back to work.

(Also Happy New Year)

Current Music: s3 - Dank Exploration (zathras)

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hyptosis From: hyptosis Date: June 24th, 2004 05:36 am (UTC) (Link)
Aaannnnddd... scene.
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